Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Animal Taxonomy Principle

I. Introduction
Biology as a science, put the various organisms as its object of study. The organisms in the biospher are various morphologically, anatomically, physiologically, habitation, embryonic development, and its evolutionary. Taxonomy is a part of biology which set the organisms in their own group according to certain rules to make human easier to learn about the organisms and also to show the evolutionary relationship of the animals one another. In taxonomy, organisms are classified based on their characteristics to the various taxa,thus taxonomy is usually called classification. The placement of organism into a taxa is done by using a certain systematic hierarchy, that's why taxonomy is also called systematic.In organism classification,various distinguishing factors which are used such as homolog organs,simetri of body, metameri,coelom of body, embryonic development, skeleton system, sexual characteristic, appendage, and larva. Those distinguishing factors be the basic of classification of an organism to its own taxa. The naming in each taxa of organism is done based on the rules of Binomial Nomenclature. Binomial Nomenclature is the naming of species which consists of two words, the first word shows its genus, and the second word shows its species. Trinomial nomenclature is done if the species is still devided into several subs-species.

II. The aims of general instructional
After the lecture is finish, the students are understand, and are able to communicate about the animal taxonomy principles.

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