Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Embrio ayam

Purpose: to understand about the concept of regeneration and regenratio process.

Tools: 3 bottles, ruler, Scissors
Materials: Y fishes, water, Hydrilla

Discussion: The tail of fish which had been cut, will undergo regeneration process until it reachs the normal size. There are several steps which occurs at the regeneration process of the fish tail. At the first and second day after the tail is cut, its tail is not directly to grow, but it dirstly cures the injury. At the next day, occurs the new tail which is transparent. After that, the tail will grow to reach its normal size, and also undergo tissues differentiation.

There are several process which occurs at the regeneration process of fish tail, as follows:
r. The blood flows to cured the injury surface, then frozen, and form scab. Scab is a layer to save the injury.
2. Epithelial cell of its skin will spread out on the surface of its injury, under the scab. It needs 2 days in order that the injury can be covered completely.
3. Cells differentiation occurs on the tissue which was injured. Thus, it has an ability to form various new tissue anymore.
4. The forming of blastema, it is a regeneration on the surface of scar.
5. The cells as the result of differentiation undergo proliferation through mitosis. This proliferation occurs at the same time with differention process, and increase when blastema reached its maximal size.
6. Redifferentiation of the dedifferentiation cells proliferation.

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